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Case Study Report Example

Case Study Report Example Case Study Report – Case Study Example Carnival Cruise Lines â€Å"Today’s Carnival† a label used to underscore the advancements in the brand, is different in form, but not essentially direction, than the Carnival of the past. With an average price of $175 per person per day, today’s Carnival Cruise Lines pricing continues to lead the other cruise lines in the industry which averages $235. The company’s executives estimated that only 16% of North Americans had ever taken a cruise, hence a potential and significant market to explore. As a result, Carnival Cruise Lines continues to direct its marketing efforts at stimulating primary demand through deviating to sea vacationers from sea vacationers. Another strategy that the company used involved placing mirrors in the crew areas near the exit doors, coupled with a sign to â€Å"share a smile.† This strategy was aimed at reminding the crew to smile whenever they were interacting with the guests; because that is what many people prefer in thi s century-to feel comfortable and to be recognized. In addition, the company embarked on customer-loyalty program in the form of a guest-recognition card in 2005. This was necessary for the crew members to recognize guests for their patronage and to offer more personalized attention which would later change the guest-crew relationship and privileged huge â€Å"psychic income.†The company is fully focused on the taste and preferences of the customers. In this regard-even though other factors such as casino gaming, entertainment, night clubs, dining choices and bars remained constant-the company also adapted to trends, offering karaoke, cigar bars, and even air brush tattoos. The company has continued to promote its fun image with the biggest media buy in the company’s history. The campaign was dubbed â€Å"million way to have fun† and was intended to develop the brand by showcasing product enhancement. In terms of dinning, Carnival Cruise Lines adopted the  "Total Choice Dinning† which retained the traditional fixed-seating dinning in the formal restaurants, but offered a choice of four as opposed to two dinning times. These strategies have helped Carnival Cruise Lines to prevail in the current competitive industry. Through these strategies, the company has managed to expand its market and customers. The strategy has attracted a young, middle-class clientele due to its fun ship theme.

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The effects of the 2008 financial crisis on the investment in the Gulf Essay - 1

The effects of the 2008 financial crisis on the investment in the Gulf area specially on Qatar - Essay Example Delayed implications of the crises were seen in the non-oil producing countries. The Middle East Gross domestic product in 2008 was 6%. By 2009, it had fallen to as low as 3.1% due to the impact of the crises. The global economic recession had a great impact to the economic growths of many economies in the world, with great intensity in Middle East countries. However, most countries did experience slow economic growth rather than total absolute decline. The slow growth in the oil producing countries resulted to a decision made by oil producing countries board. They made a decision to reduce the oil output, leading to a reduction in the value of the Arab oil exports, hence a direct implication to the Gross Domestic Product. In Middle East, oil sector did suffer a whopping 5.2% decline in year 2009 (Allen, 2008). The impacts with relation to the unemployment rates and poverty levels were also massive. The repercussions were severe in some countries. According to International Labor Organization Statistics, there was an estimation unemployment rate of 25%. The tourism and manufacturing industries had been affected to great heights leading to poverty in most households. There was a massive decrease in the real estate construction and the industrial activity forcing the immigrants to resume back to their homes. Per capital income per day declined to levels of 1.25 dollars. Those in a position to earn such an amount were also very few (Reinhart & Rogoff, 2009). Despite the commencing of the rapid economic stimulus programs, it took a long time before the final picking up of the economy. There was continuous economic stagnation. The government also did start some anti-poverty campaigns to decrease the high levels of poverty. The declining oil prices had detrimental impacts to the Gulf Corporation Council Countries. The production of oil was also declining and taking a negative

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Business Website and Children Clothing Research Paper

Business Website and Children Clothing - Research Paper Example The paper will also deal with issues related to the questions of how to buy a domain, how to trademark and protect logo. Step 1 Identify the problem that needs to be solved or opportunity that needs to be developed Essentially, any new business venture is mainly aimed at recognizing and creating an opportunity in the market (Nieman, 2003. In this case, the internet has brought about an opportunity that can makes it possible to market any product since it is a widely used channel of communication during the contemporary period given that it can reach a lot of people from different geographical locations. In terms of clothing, it can be seen that there are no large chain stores in different regions that specialize in selling baby/kids/children clothes. These products can be found in large conventional clothing shops that also sell clothes for adults. Therefore, it can be seen that there is a gap which exists in the market in terms of marketing and selling children’s clothes sinc e some of the consumer needs that are not adequately satisfied. In order to solve this problem, it is wise to start an e-business website that specializes in selling children’s clothes. This strategy is likely to be very effective in filling the gap that has been identified in this case. In other words, this business venture is likely to add value in the market if the following factors are carefully taken into consideration. Product identified and clearly defined- an assortment of children’s clothing would be sold online. The new e-business venture will specialize in selling these products to different customers in different areas. All business can be carried through the use of the internet and the products purchased can be delivered to the customers. Reason for product- there is a gap in the market where it can be seen that there are few actors in this sector who specialize in selling products that are specifically meant for children. Children’s clothes are oft en found in conventional clothing shops and this business is likely to be very convenient to many shoppers since they can get exactly what they would be looking for. STEP 2: Select a general topic area related to the problem or opportunity to research The general topic related to the problem or opportunity identified is concerned about the aspect of how to start a business. In this case, an opportunity has arisen and it can be seen that starting an online business to sell children’s clothes can be the best solution to address this issue. According to the Wall Street Journal (2012), there are different steps that ought to be taken into consideration when starting up a business. Starting a new business venture requires proper preparation and an entrepreneur should first decide if he or she is suitable to run that kind of business. This is very important since starting a business venture is not an overnight event. Entrepreneurship is about identifying opportunities that exist in the market and then measure are put in place in order to utilize the opportunity that exists at that particular moment in the market. The other important element to consider is about how to register a trademark for a company name. This element is very important since it helps to distinguish one company from the other. Whilst there are many companies that specialize in offering different products, they must be distinguished. According to the Wall Street Journal, this process can be done online and the company can also get the legal

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Ethics Essay Essay Example for Free

Ethics Essay Essay There are different systems in which an individual or a company could make ethical decisions. They can vary depending on the issue at hand and they relate and different in certain ways. In this writing I will compare the similarities and differences between virtue theory, utilitarianism, and deontological ethics. I will include a description of the differences in how each theory addresses ethics and morality. And I will give a personal experience to explain the relationship between virtue, values, and moral concepts as they relate to one of the three theories. Ethical systems based on abstract values are described as virtue theory. Virtue theory is based on character ethics. It is the viewpoint that in living one’s life one should try to cultivate excellence in all they do and in all that other do. This is the system that would address ethics and morality from the perspective of living with high values and with great character (Boylan, 2009). Quoting Boylan (2009) from our book, â€Å"Utilitarianism is a theory that suggests that an action is morally right when that action produces more total utility for the group than any other alternative† (pp. 153). Utilitarianism focuses on what is best for the group or team as a whole. This theory asks, â€Å"What ethical decision will profit the most for the largest amount of people?† Deontology is a moral theory that emphasizes one’s duty to do a particular action just because the action, itself, is inherently right and not through any other sorts of calculations (Boylan, 2009). Calculations like what the consequences of that action might be. Deontology is a duty-based theory when addressing ethics and morality. In comparing these three, a utilitarian working for ATT might overlook a bad credit report to make a deal because the deal would help the company and the  client. Therefore it’s a win-win. A deontologist might make the same decision based on the fact that the client needs a cell phone to be able to take care of business in order to take of her children. The simple fact that the action is inherently right regardless of the consequences is the bases for the deontologist. And to the contrary only a virtuous worker would have integrity and do what was in the best interest of the company. A personal experience of mine to relate these topics would be a girlfriend of mine just got out of a bad relationship where she was not married, but had a child with this man. She lived with the father of her child for many years although he was abusive and was providing home that was unsafe and insufficient for her and her child. She stayed for many years making decisions as a utilitarian until one day she changed to a deontologist. She chose to leave the state and ignore the rights of the father on the grounds that he was abusing both her and her son. She valued her and her son’s health over anything. She was virtuous in that she rose above the desire to retaliate and pursued only their protection. And all of her actions where based on her moral concepts, according to her beliefs and understanding. In conclusion, there are many different theories and ways to make ethical decisions. I have related and compared the virtue theory, utilitarianism, and deontology. I have also shared a personal experience to relate virtue, values, and moral concepts to one of these theories. Life and business are about making decisions and these concepts and theories are a foundation to a healthy life and a healthy business. References Thompson, S. (2014). What is the relationship among virtue, values moral concepts in individual and business contexts?. Retrieved from Boylan, M. (2009). Basic Ethics. : Prentice Hall.

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jack landon :: essays research papers fc

The idea of peaceful rebellion through nature is the basis for many books. Kipling was one of the first one to do it through many of his novels, but Jack London got a lot deeper into that concept. He was born in 1876 in San Francisco, an illegitimate child born to a single woman, but his mother did marry a man named John London, and named her son John London. This family moved a lot, but ended up in San Francisco again where John London, now known as Jack London worked in the bay patrol. Jack was one of the first ones to go to Alaska in the time of gold rush, he did not get rich with gold, but he recorded the Alaskan life and put it in his books. The series of books about Alaskan life are some of his most known works, such as "The Son of the Wolf" and White Fang, in which Jack London portrays the similar themes of the hard life in Alaska, the learning experience of men and animals, and the lifelong fight for survival. Oh what a hard life it was in Alaska. But why would anyone go there if it was so hard, one might ask. (Glass, 529) Well it was the gold rush of eighteen ninety eight, many looked north for a way to get rich easy, some looked for adventures, but there were not many of those. Jack London portrays the hard lives of the adventurers who went to the Klondike River valley for gold, but got a lot more than they burgeoned for. In one of the stories, from a collection called "The Son of the Wolf", Jack London described a mad hunt for gold. A person enters the yet innocent soil, near a stream, and as soon as he does, starts digging hungrily for gold. He finds some, but not even enough to keep, so he throws it away. He works without food for many hours, so engulfed by his task, that he doesn't even see that it's dark. This continues for several days, until he finds a lot of gold, by then the valley looks line a minefield. While digging he is shot in the back by a thief, but so overtaken by greed, he manages to beat his assassin down and kill him. And what's ironic, he wouldn't even touch a deer, but as his treasure is threatened to be taken away from him, he kills a person.

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The Last Of An Important Ecosystem Environmental Sciences Essay

The Hatchie River is the lone staying of course weaving, undammed and unchannelized river of the Lower Mississippi Valley in Tennessee, doing it geographically and biologically important. The river flows through both Mississippi and Tennessee before eventually emptying into the Mississippi River. Hatchie River is fed by many feeders and flows through a comparatively level flood plain. Chemically, the river faces jobs from siltation and pollutants from industry, agribusiness, and other beginnings non easy identifiable. This river ‘s ecosystem construction is as dynamic and diverse as the workss, animate beings and people that reside in or base on balls through it. This river system, particularly its bottomland hardwood woods, has many maps some of which are wildlife home ground and a biological filter for the copiousness of foods that it carries. Hatchie River is a valuable ecosystem non merely because it exists but because of its importance to scientific discipline and wildlife and is a reminder of what used to be. Though Hatchie has managed to get away channelisation and impounding itself, many of its feeders have non which has led to many concerns affecting deposit, altering land usage and chemical pollutants doing an addition in both habitat loss and hapless H2O quality.A The undermentioned information will explicate the significant importance of Hatchie River as a unique and endangered species. Snaking through parts of Mississippi and Tennessee, the Hatchie River is more than 200 stat mis long ( â€Å" The Nature Conservancy † 2013 ) . The headwaters of the Hatchie are located in Mississippi sou'-west of Corinth in Union County and flows in an unreal drainage canal which continues about to the Tennessee State line ( Diehl 2000 ) . A From that point the river flows north and west through McNairy, Hardeman, Haywood, Madison, Tipton and Lauderdale Counties in Tennessee before emptying in the Mississippi River ( Steed 2002 ) . The Tennessee part of this river flows of course and unimpeded through the Gulf Coastal Plain. A The Hatchie River lies within the Southeastern Gulf Coastal Plain ( Nabb 1996 ) . A Harmonizing to the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, the Hatchie River watershed prevarications within four ecoregions, but most of its length falls within the Northern Hilly Gulf Coastal Plains and Loess Plains ( TDEC 2009 ) . The Northern Hilly Gulf Coastal Plains are characterized by a steeper gradient and a sandier substrate than the Loess Plains which are gently turn overing with sedimentations of loess transcending 50 pess ( TDEC 2009 ) . Soils in this country are classified as Entisols and are prone to eroding and deluging due to the low alleviation and lift of the rivers class ( HNWR 2006, Steed 1979 ) .A A Though the chief channel of the Hatchie River has non undergone channelisation, many of its feeders have. Most of the river ‘s 36 feeders have been channelized and contribute important sums of deposit ( â€Å" The Nature Conservancy † 2013 ) . The hydrolog y of Hatchie River has been affected most by the changes made to its many feeders. Most of Hatchie ‘s 36 feeders have been channelized for agricultural and flood control intents ( Steed et al 2002 ) . The consequence of the increased deposit burden has led to the chief channel ‘s decrease in deepness found to be greater than three pess harmonizing to research reported by Elizabeth Nabb ( 1996 ) . As fluctuations in the bed degree of Hatchie River occur, fluctuations in the inundation happenings addition ( Nabb 1996 ) . Changes in the morphology and hydrology of this system non merely impact the river itself but the construction of the ecosystem it supports. A A A A A A A A A A A The ecosystem represented by the Hatchie River is delicate and its morphology, hydrology and chemical science are intertwined in such a manner as to do each and every portion a continuum of a mega-organism. It is impossible to discourse the rivers hydrology without besides turn toing the workss and animate beings that are dependent upon it. Because of this, as with any wetland system, the system ‘s dynamic nature can non be entirely represented by a individual species of dominant tree or bush. This river system is a combination of many classs of vegetive features while dependant on certain belongingss of the dirt and inundation governments at different degrees of lift and distance from the natural meander of Hatchie River. Studies conducted at Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge ( HNWR ) in Brownsville, Tennessee have shown that flora nowadays in an country is significantly related toA changing grades of streaking and/or gleyingA ( Steed 1979, Steed, Plyler, and Buckner 2002 ) .A In Steeds 1979 survey he indicated that forest screen can be separated into two wide types: hydroseric and mesic. The hydroseric type occurred in countries that remained saturated, sing extended anaerobiotic activity and included communities that were dominated by Tupelo Gum, Bald Cypress or Overcup oak based on increasing grades of gleying respectfully ( Steed 1979 ) . The mesonic type occurred in countries that were at times afloat but dry during the turning season and included assorted communities of Sweet gum, willow oak, cherrybark oak and many others ( Steed 1979 ) .A In add-on, in Steed ‘s joint research of 2002, he and his spouses indicated that there were definite relationships between dirts and dirt drainage categories, topography, and species of trees ( Steed et al 2002 ) . So the connexion between dirt, H2O and workss becomes evident. What of the animate beings that depend on Hatchie River for their support? A A A A A A A A A A A The Hatchie River is more than dirt, H2O and flora. This alone trace of bottomland hardwoods that one time covered huge countries of the Mississippi Alluvial Valley is home to many animals, common and rare. Volumes could be and hold been written on the many of import maps of the Hatchie River ecosystem and one would be distressed to state which is most important.A As it carries vitalizing foods down its unimpeded channel, the Hatchie deposits them all along its flood plain to organize alone dirts that are some of the richest in America. These foods create chiefly two major types of dirt, Amagon and Falayar, which are extremely productive for many species of bottomland hardwood trees, both land and aquatic workss, and are responsible for fertile croplands that are extremely prized by agribusiness. [ General dirt map Hatchie River Basin study, Tennessee and Mississippi. Writer: United States. Soil Conservation Service.Publisher: Nashville, Tenn. , 1969 ] The Hatch ie ‘s seasonal implosion therapy has for many 1000s of old ages brought life with its foods to the dirt of the flood plain, maintaining lands as fertile now as even before Native Americans foremost came to this land. Mankind and animate beings have long depended on the Hatchie ‘s being. Having birthed these exuberant home grounds all along its flow, the Hatchie provides amazing ecological benefits and services to each 1. The hardwood woods, cane interruptions, gangrenes, oxbows, boggy wetlands, and lakes it creates as it meanders are all place to pullulating life. A A major map of this system is wildlife home ground. Because of its singularity, parts of the riverine system have been preserved at both province and national degrees. Hatchie River National Wildlife Refuge, Lower Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge, John Tully Wildlife Management Area and Fort Pillow State Park have all preserved small pieces of this great river and its surrounding landscape ( Nature conservanc y Mississippi river precedence site ) . Hatchie River and its bottomland hardwood woods support many species in many systematic orders. Included in this tremendously diverse group of animate beings, several species are considered to be vulnerable, in demand of direction, threatened, or endangered. The Hatchie Burrowing Crayfish is endemic to an country of merely under 20,000 estates on a individual feeder of the Hatchie River and considered to be critically endangered ( Crandall 2010 ) . The Hatchie River and both National Wildlife Refuges have been designated as one uninterrupted IBA ( Important Bird Area ) by BirdLife International. In this country the Mississippi Kite, Cerulean Warbler, and Swainsons Warbler are species designated as In Need of Management by the province of Tennessee ( ) . The Prothonotary Warbler is a pit squatter in afloat woods and its outstanding genteelness country is within the Mississippi Alluvial Valley ( Prothonotary Warbler Web 2013 ) .A The Swainsons warbler, listed as a high preservation concern by Partners in Flight and on the Audubon Society ‘s ticker list, has, harmonizing to the Nature Conservancy, made slightly of a rejoinder to the Hatchie River country due to the Restoration of bottomland hardwood woods ( www.tnwatchablewildlife.orgA and the Nature Conservancy ) . Migratory birds utilizing the Mississippi flyway depend on the wetlands and the natural harvests provided by the Hatchie to prolong them as they travel each twelvemonth. Many species of birds, mammals and even insects and reptilians depend on the mast produced by bottomland hardwoods along the Hatchie ‘s length. [ U.S. Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service, Southeast Regional Office, April 2006 hypertext transfer protocol: // hypertext transfer protocol: // % 20Final % 20CCP.pdf ] A Hatchie River besides holds rare fish like the blue chump and northern madtom and is place to possibly more species of catfish than any other river in the north American continent ( ) . Though these species belong to different categories of taxonomy, they all have in common the loss of home ground whether it be in the H2O or in the trees or someplace in between. Hatchie Rivers map as wildlife home ground is valuable to these and many other species. That value does non stop with wildlife but continues on to all of those that appreciate in one signifier or another the rareness of the wildlife and the conglobation that is the Hatchie River wetland system. A A A A A A A A A A A What other valuable maps does the Hatchie River perform and how are the benefits realized? Wetlands hold H2O that from extra rain or possibly snowmelt in some countries and so easy let go of it to rivers and watercourses. A Hatchie River serves this map. However, the feeders that drain into the Hatchie have been channelized, there wetland-type countries have been destroyed ensuing in increased H2O speed through those feeders. The consequence is eroding of those stream Bankss which increases the sum of deposit they carry as they enter the chief channel of the Hatchie River. As clip base on ballss, increased siltation produces shoals and in utmost instances valley stoppers ( Diehl 2000 ) . While both of these consequences in altered hydrology of the wetland system, vale stoppers are much more damaging to the bottomland hardwood woods and the river itself. A vale stopper occurs when heavy deposit fills the river channel coercing back-filling across the inundation f ield until a new river channel is realized harmonizing to Diehl mentioning work by Stafford C. Happ in 1975 ( 2000 ) . Harmonizing to Diehl, without control of highland eroding, Hatchie ‘s flood plain may stop up a fen and a topographic point where hardwoods can non last. Wetlands have varied and legion maps. They purify H2O as it moves through the inundation fields and as this slow motion occurs some of the extra H2O percolates through to the aquifer, reloading it. Many countries depend on this map to provide their citizens with clean imbibing H2O. The filtration of H2O through the inundation plains helps to take drosss such as chemical toxins and extra deposit and in some countries wetlands are developed for that exclusive intent. Some chemicals are taken up by certain wetland workss, efficaciously taking them from the H2O and at the same clip the above-ground parts of these workss assistance in pin downing larger atoms. The Hatchie besides creates many types of recreational , fishing, and runing chances as it flows to the Mississippi. Because of its entreaty to migratory birds, duck huntsmans are drawn to the Hatchie ‘s wetlands, fishermen come to partake of the many assortments found in its Waterss, cervid and Meleagris gallopavo huntsmans vie for lands along the Hatchie. Hunters and fishermen, every bit good as leghorns, campers, tramps, bird spectators and nature lovers all flock to the Hatchie, making incomes for those who portion in supplying all these Hatchie visitants with entree. The Hatchie provides rich dirts in which local husbandmans raise bumper harvests, cognizing about anything can be good grown in Hatchie dirts. Farm/food animate beings can be grazed on both deep-rooted harvests, natural grasses and hardwood masts. The Hatchie maps as a supplier to worlds, wild and domestic animate beings, aquatic life, birds, reptilians, insects, trees, and workss, and even industry. A A A A A A A A A A A Although the Hatchie has flowed freely and infinitely for 1000s of old ages, it is non without menaces and jobs. The steady rise in deposit from its feeders and from agribusiness, of all time increasing contaminations, altered flow, every bit good as atomization of home grounds and loss of woods are all endangering the very life of the Hatchie. Heavy sediment tonss flow into the Hatchie from most of the river ‘s 36 feeders. It is this implosion therapy that has brought life in the signifier of foods to the dirt of the flood plain, sing it remains as fertile today as it has been for a thousand old ages, even before the yearss when Native Americans first began populating off this land. However, it is this really implosion therapy that has caused the human population to make inundation control undertakings, convert bottomlands to farms and spread out urban development. The invasion of civilisation has eliminated many full ecosystems in American history, and t he Hatchie is susceptible to the same destiny without sound direction and attention. In the past century, upseting wetland losingss have occurred in the Hatchie wetlands of the Lower Mississippi Valley.A [ hypertext transfer protocol: // uid=12092520112677465 Tennesse Wildlife Resources Foundation ( TWRF ) ] Hardwood woods have been reduced to 20 % of what they one time were.A Loss of wetlands narrows the cistron pools for migratory birds as some no longer happen ground to halt along the Hatchie to feed or engender ( Bonney et al. , 2000 ) . Chemical contaminations from industry, agribusiness and assorted other beginnings are another job faced by this river. Chemical contaminations were found in the H2O, deposits, and fish of the Hatchie River and included: Organochlorine pesticides, Polychlorinated Biphenyls, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and CUPs ( current-use pesticides ) which include weedkillers like 2,4 D and pesticides like Malathion ( HNWR ) . Mercury was besides detected and like the others was found to be within safe bounds ( HNWR ) .The Hatchie is losing cherished life as a consequence of these major impacts and has seen species of the Lower Mississippi Valley going earnestly threatened, endangered, or nonextant. Already the ruddy wolf and jaguar are gone, and the ivory-bi lledA peckerwood and three warblers that called the Hatchie place are now either critically endangered or genuinely extinct.A It may non be excessively late to change by reversal these jeopardies to the life of the Hatchie, but it will necessitate major preservation attempts, land and H2O direction with these rich home grounds uppermost in head, and better stewardship of this beautiful, rare hoarded wealth that is the Hatchie River and its home grounds. The Hatchie provides all who make usage of its presence with so many vitalizing maps that it deserves our protection to maintain it fluxing free and clean. A A A A A A A A A A A Protecting Hatchie River can non be accomplished by a individual entity or organisation. The continuity of this great wetland system will depend on continued partnerships between organisations of local, province and federal degrees every bit good as private land proprietors, husbandmans and users of the out-of-door infinite provided by Hatchie River. The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Division of Water Pollution Control adopted what is calledA the watershed attack to H2O quality and preservation ( Lower Hatchie ) . This attack has brought partnerships on many degrees. The Natural Resources Conservation Service, the United States Geological Survey, the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U. S. Army Corp of Engineers are involved on a federal degree harmonizing to the National Wildlife Refuges preservation programs. Federal partnerships provide changing services that enhance eroding control, wildlife direction, preservation attempts, plan ning, planing, building and runing high quality and moderately priced civil plants H2O resource undertakings, care of river navigability, monitoring of inundations and drouths, roll uping extended scientific information, and offering a broad assortment of federally-funded undertakings that conserve, protect, and enhance fish, wildlife, and workss and their home grounds, every bit good as, advice to other bureaus and organisations. A On the province degree, TDEC Division of Water Supply, the State Revolving Fund, the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, West Tennessee River Basin Authority, and Mississippi Department of Environmental QualityA A service to assist forestall H2O pollution, supply low-interest loans to metropoliss and counties for effluent intervention, offer grant plans to better H2O quality and educate the populace, aid continue the natural flow of the Hatchie by bettering impaired feeders or job countries in the Hatchie itself, and supply monitoring and informations t o province bureaus. On the local degree, Friends of West Tennessee Refuges, The Nature Conservancy, the Hatchie River Conservancy, The Chickasaw-Shiloh Resource Conservation and Development Council and The Friend of the Hatchie organisation and others provide voluntaries, fundraising, and educational plans to acquire the local populace involved in stewardship of all of the Hatchie ‘s home grounds. Some of the local spouses have invested in multimillion dollar plans to better H2O quality and halt eroding and to buy lands for saving of bottomlands and wetlands. A A A A A A A A A A A The maps and values of the Hatchie River are countless and unreplaceable, doing the Hatchie cherished by many. Its hydrogeomorphology makes it exceeding as one of a really few natural ecosystems left in America. Though Hatchie River is a wetland system, it is more than a individual home ground. It is a apogee of many that are so closely interlacing as to be identical from each other. Its uniqueness provides home grounds for animate beings that, in some cases, can be found nowhere else. Many obstructions must be overcome in order to continue what remains. Siltation, habitat loss and pollution are elephantine hurdlings but non unsurmountable if bureaus, organisations and the citizens combine forces to continue this invaluable gem of West Tennessee.

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An Institution For Educating Children - 1308 Words

School-(n.) an institution for educating children. School is a place of learning where the goal is to maximize each student’s potential. However, in today s society many factors can block students from achieving this goal. The first of which is the lack of well rested and energized students with the motivation to grow. Sleep becomes harder to achieve as one ages, since school and work are the causes of sleep deprivation. Therefore, teens all over the U.S. are demanding a more appropriate start time given their developmental needs. Over 66% of teens have sleep problems mostly due to school and stress. A later start time means more time to get ready and organized. Also, many studies have proven that with as little as 25 more minutes of sleep improves students behavior. Overall, schools must start later in order to utilize students true abilities and to benefit the entire community. This question has been debated for many years now; it is finally time to take action a nd change school start times! First of all, physiological evidence shows a hormone, called Melatonin, doesn t allow teens bodies to fall asleep until 11 p.m. ( This means that it is physically impossible for adolescents to get the required 81/2 to 91/2 hours of sleep and wake up in time for school. Many teens all over the world are either sleep deprived or sleep restricted, which can lead to numerous consequences later on in life, such as higher risk of chronic healthShow MoreRelatedThe United States Education System1731 Words   |  7 Pagesimpact the world. Students in our nation have a choice whether or not to attend prestigious higher-level institutions in order to educate themselves and prepare themselves for the job market. The U.S. has an outstanding reputation of educating students as well as making education available to everyone in the country. Whether it be a public university, private university or a for-profit institution, people can easily find a way to pursue their academic goals. However, many students graduate college withRead MoreThe Importance Of A Special Needs Student849 Words   |  4 Pagesscratch the teacher and themselves. How would a person react to this? This is not an uncommon occurrence when dealing with children who have special needs. This teacher was trained to understand the method used when working with a child who will unintentionally cause harm to themselves or others. A parent needs to understand that unconventional methods must be used with children who learn unconventionally. This research will show readers that each student needs their own educational methods, whichRead MoreThe History of Deaf Education Essay1417 Words   |  6 Pages9) who was in town demonstrating the Methodical or French Method of sign. Gallaudet, â€Å"impressed by the use of signs in addition to the speech and lipreading methods used to educate French deaf children† (Lane 34) at the National Institution for the deaf M utes in Paris, â€Å"was invited to the National Institutions teachers preparation program at no charge† (Lane 34). While there, Gallaudet studied Sicard’s methods which allowed, â€Å"the deaf to comprehend and formulate sentences in manual French and [studied]Read MoreCultural Backgrounds And Community Attitudes Prevent Girls From Attending Schools And Thereby Act1322 Words   |  6 Pagesbetter compared to India because of heavy efforts being put by the parents on educating their children, irrespective of their financial backgrounds. Henceforth, the attitudes of the American parents were considered to the most vital factor, making a huge difference than the school themselves. Other possible factors included utmost interest of educating their children, which is measured by whether they read to their children or attending parent-teacher meetings. The increase in the school’s achievementRead MorePeople’s health is a result of internal and external facto rs. Describe two factors and explain their effect on people’s health752 Words   |  4 Pagescited in L185 Block 3 Session 2, p.5). There are three categories of psychological factors. The first of them is beliefs, which arise from interactions of an individual with social forces including family, friends, relationship, laws, TV/Media and institutions (Y158, cited in L185 Block 3 Session 2, p.7).The second psychological aspect is emotions. Emotions are connected to a person’s day to day experiences, which can bring particular emotions and consequently a particular behaviour of an individualRead MoreDrug Abuse Is A Problem Essay1180 Words   |  5 Pagesnicotine and the others. Keeping the next generation from even starting drug abuse will completely eliminate the problem, but achieving that level of abstinence would be impossible. drug abuse will always be a problem, but there can be remedies: educating people about drugs, eliminate drugs at the source, and having pr eventative programs in place to keep youth from trying drugs. Surprisingly, one of the top health problems facing teenagers is drug abuse. It is a common danger facing teens of allRead MoreObesity has Taken Over Our Children881 Words   |  3 PagesAmerican children in the United States. Presently, 23 million children and teens in the United States are obese (CDC 2014). This epidemic affects children of all ages and mostly minority children at a seemingly unstoppable rate. For instance, 18 percent of American children age 6 to 11 and teens ages 12 to 19 are obese (Spradlin 2012). When examining ethnicity, Caucasian American children 28.2 percent is far lower percentage when compared to that of the 33.1 percent of African American children and 44Read MoreEducating The Mind Without Educating Our Heart Is No Education At All1507 Words   |  7 Pages‘Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.’(Aristotle). This quote stood out to me as I feel it is absolutely crucial in order to learn; this quote also supp orts Maslow’s Hierarchy as it suggests there is more to learning then having a pedagogy. My first theme for my learning journal will be to demonstrate an appreciation to the lifelong learning; in order to do this is will reflect on my own personal learning journey and to discuss different types of learning. The secondRead MoreThe High School Graduate Will Be Accepted Into The Program Of Their First Choice1519 Words   |  7 Pagesfirst choice. It has become hardly a choice in whether a high school graduate will continue in postsecondary studies because just to be considered for a job, the credentials that come after a name is crucial. In Jane Jacobs’ Credentialing Versus Educating, she argues that since the Great Depression, obtaining a degree has become gradually more important, not to gain an education, but to acquire its credentials that employers look for before hiring. More people are attending postsecondary programsRead More Tax Dollars Should Fund Religious Sch ools Essay640 Words   |  3 PagesDollars Should Fund Religious Schools The issue of whether or not to use tax dollars to provide private schools with vouchers has been controversial for many years now.   Many people feel that it is our governments obligation to provide private institutions with the proper funds, while others believe that if private schools inherit our tax dollars then it is violation of our constitution as it promotes a particular religion.   I think it is our governments responsibility to provide each and every